“Have you ever casually sniffed your own armpits to make sure you don’t stink? Or kissed your cat in the bald spot between her ear and her eye where her skin is very thin and you can feel her skull? Well I have, and I’m sure you have too. In these intimate moments we are skin stretched over a skeleton mostly filled with water; we are blood, we are hair, we are human.

Our daily routines seem banal in relation to the narrative of our lives, but if we look past the narrative and its many plot points, past the thesis and into the details, we can find something extraordinary, something that exists both inside and outside the everyday. This is the realm where I choose to create my artwork: the realm of the absurd where our habits are exposed and neuroses are elevated.”

-STR 10/06/2019

Sean T. Randolph makes books, drawings and other things. His books can be found the The Poetry Center in Tucson, Arizona, The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, and San Diego State University’s Love Library. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.